CIMPLICITY AMV Control Overview

A CIMPLICITY AMV Control is an Active X object that you embed in a CimEdit screen.

The AMV Control provides a powerful tool for you to:

  • Fully integrate the Alarm Viewer capability with your other CimEdit screens.

For example, you can configure the CimEdit screens so operators can easily move back and forth between other CimView screens and the Alarm Viewer.

  • Exercise more control (than for the stand-alone AMV) over user configuration capability during runtime. For example, you can specify whether or not a user, during runtime, can:
  • Configure the control.
  • Sort fields.
  • Choose from all buttons to display for dynamic view. (The stand-alone AMV provides only the Setup and Toggle buttons for dynamic view.)
  • Take advantage of CimView features, e.g. the zoom screen capability.