About $LOCAL Points

About this task

A project does not have to be running to display $LOCAL point values; a running Viewer only is required.

  • $LOCAL Points: List.
  • $LOCAL Points:Example viewing values in the Point Control Panel.
Note:  $LOCAL point values will display when only the Viewer is running:
  • On CimView screens or other CIMPLICITY applications that display point values.
  • From projects that are running on remote computers; the values will be local values.

$LOCAL Points: List


$LOCAL Points: Example Viewing Values in the Point Control Panel


  1. Open the Point Control Panel.

    A Select CIMPLICITY Project dialog box opens.

  2. Do one of the following.
    Viewer is not running Click Start as Viewer.
    Viewer is running Click Cancel.

    The Point Control Panel opens.

    Note: Although it is not necessary, a project can also be started.

  3. Click the Add Points button .

    The Select a Point browser opens.

  4. Do the following.
    A Select $LOCAL, which is available as a project in the Project field.
    Important: $LOCAL is available to select $LOCAL points only. It is not a real CIMPLICITY project.
    B Click Browse. The $LOCAL points are listed.
    C Select one or more $LOCAL points.


The $LOCAL points that are added to the Point Control Panel display the current values.