Measurement Systems and Units Configuration

Use the Measurement Units Configuration window to configure the main elements in the measurement systems and units functionality.

To create your conversion equivalents, you will:

1 Start Measurement Units.
2 Toggle dynamic configuration.
3 Add a new measurement system (if the one you want does not exist).
4 Copy a measurement system, by defining a set of base units and their corresponding labels in the Measurement Units Configuration window.
5 Rename a measurement system.
6 Delete a measurement system.
7 Create a base measurement unit entry.
8 Edit base measurement unit properties, if necessary.
9 Define an equivalent unit for each base measurement unit, by specifying the label, display format and conversion equations to be used for each.
10 Copy a measurement unit.
11 Rename a measurement unit.
12 Delete a measurement unit.
13 Specify the active measurement system.
14 Close the Measurement Unit window.