Configuration Data Imported

Through a PLC programming application or third party software package, you can create a SNF format file containing point configuration data. Since only a subset of CIMPLICITY point fields may be contained in the file, you may also need to modify the ie_deflds.cfg file to specify default values for additional fields.

Once you have configured the ie_deflds.cfg file and created the SNF format import file, you are ready to use Import/Export to import your configuration data into the CIMPLICITY point database. When you import the data, you can also specify filter criteria to be applied to points in the file.

The import function will process each record in the input file. If it finds an invalid data field, it discards the record and reports the error to a log file, and then continues processing with the next record in the file.

Any data that exceeds the maximum length of the field it is being imported into is truncated. This truncation is reported as a warning and does not keep the record from being imported, unless the resulting truncated data is invalid.