Step 1: Order Email and Downloads

Order Email

After you receive an order email from GE Digital with your activation codes, similar to the one below. You can download the required products and install them on your computer (physical machine or virtual machine). After you download the required product, you will see CommonLicensing_<version>.exe (for example: CommonLicensing_v19_4_1848_0.exe). Use the steps that follow to accomplish the license activation task.

Download Common Licensing

  1. Select the link in the email from GE Digital to access the web site.
  2. Login using the same e-mail address that the activation codes were sent to. After a successful login, you will be navigated to the Software Order Download page, that includes Product List, and a link to Proficy License Installer.
  3. Select Proficy License Installer from Other helpful links. The GE Licensing Installer page that contains Common Licensing software appears.
  4. Double-click CommonLicensing<version>.exe to start the licensing download.
    Note: This license install will have all the licensing functionalities that can be administrated from the same computer.
    Refer, Step 2: Common Licensing Software to proceed to next steps.