Program Editor Menu Functions

You can use the menu options to open, close, print, and compile files, to edit a file, to run a file, to debug a file, to access tools, to view status and toolbars, to arrange windows, and access help.

  • File menu
  • Edit menu
  • Run menu
  • Debug menu
  • Tools menu
  • View menu
  • Window menu
  • Help menu

File Menu

New Creates a new document for the Program Editor.
Open Opens an existing document for the Program editor.
Close Closes the script.
Save Saves the active document.
Save All Saves all the open files in the Program Editor.
Save As Save the script with a different name.
Print Prints the active document
Print Preview Displays the active document as it will be printed
Recent Files Displays the list of most recently accessed files.
Compile Compiles the active document.
Create Program Creates a new document for the Program Editor.
Exit Exits the Program Editor.

Edit Menu

Undo Undoes the last action.
Cut Cuts the selection and puts it on the Clipboard.
Copy Copies the selection and puts it on the Clipboard
Paste Inserts Clipboard contents.
Delete Deletes the selection.
Find Finds user-identified text in the document.
Find Next Finds next occurrence of user-identified text in the document.
Replace Replaces user-identified text with new text.
Goto Line Opens a Goto Line dialog box. The insertion point goes to the line number that is entered in the Line Number field.
Insert Dialog Inserts a dialog box.
Edit Dialog Edits an inserted dialog box.
Font Selects a font.
Options Sets string and stack space.

View Menu

Toolbars Displays the list of available toolbars. You can toggle the display of each toolbar.
Status Bar Toggles the display of the Status Bar at the bottom of program windows.

Run Menu


Start Run the program
Break Break executing program
End End the running or paused program

Debug Menu

Add Watch Displays the Add Watch dialog box, in which you can specify the name of a script variable
Delete Watch Deletes the watch from the selected variable
Quick Watch Do a quick check of a variable value, without adding the variable to the Watch list.
Modify Modifies the value of a variable.
Step Executes the next line of the script. If the line calls a procedure, the called procedure is run in its entirety.
Step Into Executes the next line of the script. If the line calls a procedure, the next line to execute will be the first line of the called procedure.
Call Stack Displays the stack of current calls.
Trace/Clear Trace Enables/disables output to the Trace window
Toggle Breakpoint Toggles a breakpoint in the script
Clear all Breakpoints Clears all breakpoints from the script
Set Next statement Sets the next statement to be executed in a paused program to the currently selected line.
Set Command Line Set the command line for the script. This can be retrieved via the basic Command$ parameter. The Basic Control Engine will pass the Event & Action which caused the script to be run. See BCE Manual
Set Event Information
Reset Public Variables Re-set's the contents of public and private variables to an empty state.

Tools Menu

Points Displays a submenu that lets you browse for points, edit a point, and create a new point. You can also use this menu item to include Setpoints, Get Points, and create local variables in the program.
Alarms Displays a submenu that lets you generate or update alarms in the program.
Log Status Displays a dialog box that lets you generate messages for the Status Log.
Dynamic Toggles Dynamic Configuration of points, alarm, etc.

Window Menu

New Window Opens a new window.
Cascade Arranges the windows so that they overlap.
Tile Horizontally Tiles the windows horizontally.
Tile Vertically Tiles the windows vertically.
Arrange Icons Arranges the program icons in the Program Editor window.
Current Programs Displays the list of current programs.

Help Menu

Index Displays the main Help window for the Program Editor.
Using Help Displays the main Help window for Microsoft Windows.
About... Displays program information, version number, and copyright for the Program Editor