Program Editor: Edit Programs

Although, in some respects, editing code with the Program Editor is like editing regular text with a word-processing program, the Program Editor also has certain capabilities specifically designed to help you edit your code.

This section describes how to move around within your script, select and edit text, add comments to your script, break long statements across multiple lines, search for and replace selected text, and perform a syntax check of your script. The section ends with a brief discussion of editing dialog box templates.

1 Program Editor: Navigate within a script.
2 Program Editor: Text procedures.
3 Program Editor: Point tools.
4 Program Editor: Alarm tools.
5 Program Editor: Log status tool.
6 Program Editor: Add comments to a script
7 Program Editor: Enter a statement across multiple lines.
8 Program Editor: Check the syntax of a script.
9 Program Editor: Add dialog boxes to a script.