Run a Program

Important: The CIMPLICITY project must be running in order to run the script.

Once you have finished editing your programs, you will want to run it to make sure it performs the way you intended. You can also suspend or stop an executing script.

Run a script

Note: This will also compile your script, if necessary, and then execute it.

  • Click the Start button on the toolbar.
  • Press F5.

The script is compiled (if  it has not already been compiled), the focus is switched to the parent window, and the script is executed.

  • Suspend A Running Program.
  • Stop a running program.

Suspend a Running Program

Press Ctrl+Break. or click the Break toolbar button.

Execution of the script is suspended, and the instruction pointer (a gray highlight) appears on the line of code where the script stopped executing.

Note: The instruction pointer designates the line of code that will be executed next if you resume running your script.

Stop a Running Program

Click the End tool on the toolbar.