Marquee Manager Administrator Distribution Lists

About this task

Configured marquees can be added to distribution lists enabling the same message to be sent to multiple marquees with a single request.

Note: Marquee Manager Client applications provide the ability to compose messages and send them to a marquee distribution list, as to gateways.


  1. Click the Distribution Lists folder in the Marquee Manager Administrator left-pane.
  2. Click New Distribution List on the toolbar.

    A Details tab displays; options are as follows.

    Field Description
    Name Distribution List name.
    Description (Optional) Details to help identify the distribution list.
    Background Use either method to select the background color.
    • Choose a color from the dropdown list of predetermined colors,
    • Click the color swatch to the right of the dropdown list; create a custom color.
    Type Select which Type of Distribution List to create. Marquees that are listed in the Marquees box are determined by the Type. Available options include:
    • Bin Cell
    • Solid Cell
    • Stack Light
    • Text Cell
    • Text/Counter
    • Tune
    Marquees When a Type is selected, a list of configured marquees that are the selected type displays. Check the marquees that should be added to the distribution list.
    Tip: Check Show selected only to display only the marquees that will be included in the distribution list.
  3. Click Save.


Distribution list details are saved.