Marquee Manager Administrator Glossary


Typically a GUI application, this component facilitates configuration and monitoring of a server engine. If changes are made to the server configuration the administrator notifies the engine to reload its running configuration either automatically or on user demand. An example of an administrator component is Marquee Manager Administrator.

This administrator allows you to maintain the Marquee Manager server's engine configuration.

Administrator Kit

An administrator kit contains the product's administration component only. After installing this kit on a workstation you may utilize any of the features of the Administrator component.


Andon boards are used to show where (station or location) there is a problem (fault) or a potential problem (blocked or starved station or low on stock). They are used to alert the proper personnel that something needs their attention - either immediate or in the near future. A marquee may be used to give mention to upcoming meetings, or events and can display the time, date, number of parts that are expected and actually produced. Basically, they are a visual communication tool used to help production meet their goals and minimize shut down time.


An area within each cell that contains data relevant to various locations in an environment. (e.g. plant stations such as paint) and various statuses typically used in these areas. Data such as current station state or a station that may be experiencing a problem may be displayed on the Andon Board.  


For Andon type marquee signs, a cell refers to one block of data on the sign.


A client component utilizes the facilities of a standard Marquee Manager server. Typically a GUI application, this component provides a user-friendly interface of the available services offered by the server engine.


The time period defined for the display of Controller 980 templates, allowing the display of multiple screen templates in sequence.


A Marquee Manager Server device is a name assigned to a physical connection point on the server, which will be used to establish a connection with a marquee.

Distribution List

A Marquee Manager Server distribution list is a collection of marquees, which can be sent a message with a single transaction. Similar to an email distribution list, a client which initiates a transaction with a distribution list will automatically send the same message to all associated marquees.


A DSN, Data Source Name, is the name assigned to an ODBC driver and configuration information that allows an ODBC enabled application to connect to a data source.


An engine component implements a unified interface to a set of common, related protocols. The engine provides services to clients and gateways such that a common interface may be used to manipulate many different types of devices. Engines are administered via Administrator components and are utilized by clients, gateways or user written components.


A gateway component creates a bridge between a third party product and a standard CIMPLICITY server. Typically an engine, this component provides a conduit for forwarding events from the third party product into a CIMPLICITY standard server.

An example of a gateway would be an interface to an HMI or SCADA system forwarding events from that system to Marquee Manager Alarm Manager for processing. An example of a gateway is Marquee Manager Gateway for ActivPlant. This gateway forwards ActivPlant incidents to Marquee Manager.


A sign display that serves as a visualization communication tool, providing the means to display time, date and message text such as production counts, and what areas of a plant are experiencing problems.


The ODBC protocol is an implementation of the Microsoft ‘Open Database Connectivity’. The ODBC API is utilized to access the Marquee Manager configuration database.

Priority Threshold

The importance or priority that is given to each marquee. This number is taken into consideration when assigning messages to that marquee, with regards to which messages hold greater importance and when that message will display.


If your marquee has a priority threshold set to three, all messages with a priority of three or higher (and only those messages) will be displayed.  When they have been acknowledged and are no longer being displayed, any other messages with a lower priority will then start displaying on the marquee.

Server Kit

A server kit typically contains the server engine and administrator components. In some cases a client component is also included with this kit. The server kit is usually installed on a centralized host and is utilized by one or more clients or gateways. An example of a server kit is Marquee Manager Server. This kit contains the Marquee Manager engine, administrator and client.

Stack Light

Stacked lights typically used to display colors in a vertical grid pattern from one to five lights high.  They may be used to show if a station is experiencing a problem then turn a light on to alert personnel.  


A user formatted guide or page of configured marquees, allowing you to display a page at any given time without the need to customize each marquee.