Marquee Manager Administrator Devices

  • Marquee Manager: Device overview.
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Marquee Manager: Device Overview

Marquee Manager Server formats and delivers the message to the marquee. To accomplish this task, Marquee Manager first utilizes a concept of a Device. A Device in Marquee Manager is the physical path that the engine will utilize to connect to the marquee.

Using this device connection, Marquee Manager Server communicates to the marquee using the manufacturers protocol defined for the marquee. Once the device is named and defined, you can begin to add marquees.


Sample 1

Sample 2


Sample Serial Connection


Sample Alarm Cast Connection

Marquee Manager: Device Types

  1. Click the Devices folder in the Marquee Manager Administrator left-pane.
  2. Click New Device on the toolbar.

A Details tab displays.

  1. Select a Communications>Type.
Marquee Manager communications types are as follows:
  • Marquee MMarquee Manager Administrator
  • Device: Serial.anager Administrator Device: FirstPAGE.
  • Marquee Manager Administrator Device: Subscription
  • Marquee Manager Administrator Device: TCP/IP.