Marquee Manager Administrator:  Key Features

The Marquee Manager product family monitors manufacturing environments and sends real time, automated messages to visual or audible devices including LED display/Andon boards, stack lights and sounder alarms the moment a tolerance is breached. As an integral part of any lean initiative, Andon boards provide visibility into the activity on the plant floor but need to be driven by a robust, easy-to-use software solution.  Marquee Manager is the only multi-vendor marquee solution, supporting the majority of boards, including legacy displays.

Key Features

  • Delivers real-time information to most active matrix boards, including legacy displays.
  • Industry standard NETCON Unit Protocol is a control language that speaks to numerous manufacturers’ boards.
  • Easy-to-use message management system includes prioritization and queuing.
  • Includes a full suite of flexible administration tools, all accessible remotely.
  • Multiple applications can publish to the same board.
  • Using Test/Disabled/Enabled modes allows for firmware changes to be made.
  • Supports all industrial marquee manufacturers.
  • Marquee details and attributes may be cloned for easy configuration.
  • Provides full unattended recovery from network outages or display power loss/recovery.
  • Once configured in server, users are isolated from requiring any knowledge of marquee protocols.
  • Provides preview of any device's current content from a windows workstation.
  • For security, regulate system usage to authorized users only.
  • Allows changes to any aspect of your configuration at runtime.
  • Easy integration for custom implementations.