2. SPC Preparation: Security

About this task

  • SPC: Roles
  • SPC: Resources

SPC: Roles

SPC charts include an annotation feature, for which user access can be permitted or denied in the Roles Properties dialog box.


  1. Select Project>Security>Roles in the Workbench left-pane.
  2. Select a role in the Workbench right-pane.

    The Roles Properties dialog box opens.

  3. Select the SPC Annotation tab.
  4. Check or clear the Multi-Annotation checkbox to do the following.
    Check/Clear Role:
    Check Can do multi-annotation
    Clear Cannot do multi-annotation


During runtime the user will/will not be able to do annotations based on the assigned role.

SPC: Resources

SPC may have one or more unique resources. Make sure to assign the appropriate users to the resourcesbeing used for SPC.