4. SPC Preparation: Database Logger

  • ODBC data source
  • Database Logger: Enabled
  • Database Logger: SPC Tables

ODBC Data Source

SPC automatically creates a default SQL Server data source, CIMPLICITY Logging - SPC.

New SPC documents will use this data source by default.

Important: All the SPC documents in a CIMPLICITY project must log their data to the same SPC data source. You can share an SPC data source between projects or create a data source for each project.

Database Logger: Enabled

Make sure the Database Logger is enabled; it will be listed in the Workbench left-panewhen it is.

Database Logger: SPC Tables

SPC includes the following tables to log and store data specifically for SPC. These are system tables and cannot be opened in the Database Logger window.

The tables are:

5. SPC Runtime: Annotation6. SPC Products: Attribute Quality Characteristics7. SPC Products: Defect Properties5. SPC Products: Variable Quality Characteristics5. SPC Products: Variable Quality Characteristics
Table Logs:
SPCANNO Annotations.
SPCATT Attribute data.
SPCDEF Defect data.
SPCVARX Variable.
SPCVARXBAR Variable data for XBar tracking.