SPC Products: Configuration

An SPC document is the container for:

  • All of the products that should be grouped together.
  • A product group's quality control information

A selected product can include: variables, defects and attributes that are stored in a directory structure similar to Windows Explorer. When the product is selected, its

  • Quality characteristics display in the SPC Configuration window right-pane.
  • Defect folders in the SPC Configuration window left-pane.

Items in the hierarchy can be added, configured and modified.

7. SPC Products: Defect Properties6. SPC Products: Attribute Quality Characteristics5. SPC Products: Variable Quality Characteristics4. SPC Products: Product Properties3. SPC Products: File Menu/Toolbar/Quick Keys2. SPC Products: Document Properties1. SPC Products: Open the SPC Configuration Window
Icon Section
SPC Document: Open.
2 SPC Products: Document properties.
3 SPC Products: File menu/Toolbar/Quick keys.
SPC Products: Product properties.
SPC Products: Variable Quality characteristics.
SPC Products: Attribute Quality characteristics.
SPC Products: Defect properties.
Important: The SPC Data Collector logs its raw and calculated data to an ODBC data source. Before you start configuring SPC for a project, make sure that the CIMPLICITY Database Logger is installed and configured for the project.