SPC Administration Alarms

During runtime the SPC application detects the following kinds of inconsistencies:

  • Points are unavailable.
  • Limits are out of sequence.
  • Sampling parameters are invalid.

Therefore, SPC comes with a built-in $SPC_ADMIN_ALARM to alert operators to those conditions. This alarm is generated because of configuration inconsistencies, in contrast to SPC alarms that are generated because of process problems.

Each instance of this alarm, which will display in your Alarm Viewer, provides you with:

\\Group Name\Product Name\QC Name\Alarm number

Alarm Numbers are as follows:

1 Required Points(s) are unavailable.
2 XBar control limits are out of sequence.
3 R/S control limits are out of sequence.
4 Sample size is invalid.
5 Gap size is invalid.