Marquee Manager Administrator Other Tools: Toolbar and Tree

Anything created on the tree view side of the screen (the left hand side) can be modified or deleted at any time. You can also change the state to disable.

Tree View Items: Modify

Select the item you want to alter. The information regarding it will show up on the right hand side of the screen. At this point, you can change the name along with any other variables attached to it (e.g. configuration settings etc.)When you save your changes, they will appear in the Tree View.

Important: Information regarding manufacturer or models, cannot be altered. Once the modified information has been saved, you cannot revert to the old information. The only way to retrieve it is to change it back to its original state.

Tree View Items: Delete

There are two ways to delete items on the Tree View side of your screen. By selecting the item you want to delete, you can choose Edit >Delete on the Menu bar or simply click the red Delete symbol ( X).

Important: You cannot recover any deleted item or any information attached to it. You must recreate it.

In certain applications, if a particular item is being used in another part of the application, you will not be able to delete it at that level. You must go further down in the Tree View to discern where it is being used, and delete it there first.