Marquee Manager Administrator Other Tools: Options

The Options menu enables users to set Marquee Manager Server details.

Click the Tools>Options on the Marquee Manager Administrator menu bar.

An Options dialog box opens; options tabs are as follows.

  • General tab.
  • Preference tab.

General Tab

Select the Details tab.

Options are as follows.

Option Description
Data Source Provides the Marquee Manager Server database and user/password requirement.
License key. Determines the number of servers that can be configured.
Server Reload Provides the option to reload the server with any additions, edits or deletions automatically or when requested by the user.
Reload with every change Reload will occur when the Save button is clicked.
Reload only when requested You will be informed that there are data changes the server needs to be notified about and have the option to either send the reload before closing or close the system without reloading the changes.

Preferences Tab

Select the Preferences tab in the Options dialog box.

Options control the Marquee Manager Administrator data entry preferences.

You can control prompting in the event no default was supplied and specify the default attribute handling for marquee attributes.