7.2. SPC Defect Group: Properties

The Defect Folder Properties dialog box identifies the group of defect categories that will be included on one Pareto chart.

Information you enter here applies to every defect category in the group.

Defect folder properties are as follows.

1 Active
2 Manual entry allowed
3 Name
4 Description
5 Match Point ID
6 Match value
7 Batch Point ID
8 Collection Method
1 Active

Does the following.

Checked Activates data collection for the defect group.
Clear De-activates data collection for the defect group.
Default Checked
2 Manual entry allowed

Enables or disables manual data entry.

Do one of the following.

Check/Clear Manual data entry for SPC chart sets at runtime is:
Check Enabled
Clear Disabled
3 Name

Identifies the product's defect group that will be measured

Default DEF

Note: The maximum length is 10 characters.

4 Description

Provides details to clearly identify the defect group.

  • The description displays in the SPC Configuration window list.
  • The maximum length is 40 characters.
5 Match Point ID

Provides one data source to Identify for which of product characteristics data should be collected.

Point type Integer

Note: The same or different match point can be used for attributes, variables and defects.

6 Match value

Match point value that directs the selected SPC chart to collect data for the selected defect group.

Important: During runtime, the Match point value must be the value entered in the Match value field for collection to occur. If the Match point value is different from the value entered for the selected variable, the selected SPC chart will report that there is not enough data available for it to be created.


A match value to collect data for the finished decorated a black color defect group is 5.

Data for the black color defect is or is not collected if the selected Match point value is as follows.

Collection Match Value equals:
Is collected 5
Is not collected Anything other than 5
7 Batch Point ID

(For a batch process) Distinguish between different batches for the same color defect.

Note: The value of the Batch Point is associated with the calculated data and can be used as search criteria for charts and reports
8 Collection Method

Specifies the:

  • Data source for the defect group.
  • Corresponding input fields in the Collection tab of the Defect Properties dialog box for each category in the defect group.

All Defect Categories in this Defect folder will use the collection method selected for the folder.

Available collection methods are:

Point Retrieves data from CIMPLICITY point values.
Logged Retrieves data from one or more ODBC database tables.
None No data will be collected by the SPC Data Collector. Note: The Manual entry allowed box is checked by default.