4. SPC Products: Product Properties

1 Open a Product Properties dialog box.
2 Define product properties.

Open a Product Properties Dialog Boxes

  1. Select Products in the SPC Configuration window left-pane.
  2. Do one of the following.
1 Click File>New>Product on the SPC Configuration window menu bar.
2 Click the New button on the SPC Configuration window toolbar.
3 Right-click Products; select New Product on the Popup menu.
4 Press Ctrl+N on the keyboard.

Result: The Product Properties dialog box opens.

Define Product Properties

  1. Enter the following to clearly identify the product.
Item Description
1 Active Check or clear the Active checkbox to do the following.
Checked Activate data collection for the product.
Clear Disable the product.
Default Checked
2 Product name Name that identifies the product folder.
Note: The maximum length is 16 characters.
3 Description (Optional) Provide details to more clearly identify the product.
4 Resource ID Resource to be used by alarms generated for the product.
Opens the Select a Resource browser.
Displays a Resource Popup menu
  1. Click OK.

Result: The Product Properties dialog box closes; the new product is listed in the SPC Configuration window.