6.2. SPC Attribute: General Characteristics

Select the General tab in the Attribute Quality Characteristics properties dialog box.

General features are as follows.

1 Active
2 Name
3 Description
4 Calculation type
5 Data setpoint ID
1 Active

Does the following.

Checked Activates data collection for the product attribute.
Clear De-activates data collection for the product attribute.
Default Checked
2 Name

Identifies the product's attribute characteristic that will be measured

Maximum Length 16 characters.
Default ATT
3 Description

Provides details to clearly identify the characteristic.

Note: The description displays in the SPC Configuration window list.
Maximum Length 40 characters
4 Calculation type

Selects the attribute characteristics calculation type that will be available for charting.

Types are:

Chart Values for:
nP Chart Number of defective units in each sample.
P CHART Proportion of defective units in each sample.
C CHART Total number of defects in a unit.
U CHART Mean (average) defects per unit during the sampling period.
  • Only 1 of the 4 available attribute chart types can be configured for a single product at a time.
  • A maximum of 4 attribute charts can be configured per product.
5 Data setpoint ID

Enables usage of the selected chart values elsewhere in the selected project, or downloaded to a device.

Point type Floating-point array point of 2 elements