5.2. SPC Variable: General Characteristics

Select the General tab in the Variable Quality Characteristics Properties dialog box.

General features are as follows.

1 Active.
2 Name.
3 Description.
4 Calculation type.
5 Data setpoint ID.
6 Sampling Parameters
1 Active

Does the following.

Checked Activates data collection for the product variable.
Clear De-activates data collection for the product variable.
Default Checked
2 Name

Identifies the product's variable characteristic that will be measured.

Default VAR
Maximum Length 16 characters.
3 Description

Provides details to clearly identify the characteristic.

Maximum Length 40 characters
Note: The description displays in the SPC Configuration window list.
4 Calculation type

Selects the variable characteristics calculation type that will be available for charting.

Types are:

Chart Values for:
X-Bar/R X-Bar and range.
X-Bar/S X-Bar and standard deviation.
Note: The X-Bar chart type you select will be available on the CimEdit SPC Control Properties dialog box Chart menu; the other will not be. You can change your selection at any time; however, you will have to stop and restart a running project to have the SPC Control recognize the change.
5 Data setpoint ID

Enables usage of the current XBar-R or XBar- S values elsewhere in the selected project, or downloaded to a device.

Point type Floating-point array point of 2 elements
The array contains values for the following.
Chart Values for:
XBar/R XBar and range
XBar/S XBar and standard deviation
6 Sampling Parameters

Identifies the Subgroup size and gap size based on the Values or Points selection

Values Requires integers for values.
Subgroup size (Integer) identifies sample size. Important: The subgroup size must be between 2 and 100.
Gap size (Integer) identifies how many units will be skipped before the next sample is taken. 
Points Requires analog points for values.
Subgroup size (Point)  identifies sample size.
Gap size (Point) identifies how many units will be skipped before the next sample is taken.