Binder Jet Line

In automotive and industrial manufacturing it is time to make significant technology changes to the factory floor and supply chain. GE's Binder Jet Line could accelerate that change. We understand the challenges of changing manufacturing processes and want to help other manufacturers succeed and scale with additive.

customer-centric innovation

GE's Binder Jet Line gives you a complete, configurable ecosystem of production hardware and software to bring an application from concept to production. With the assistance of GE’s AddWorks consultant engineers, you can now industrialize your metal additive production in less time and less cost than going it alone. We bring deep materials knowledge and process pedigree to work with you to accelerate implementation of additive production in your area of expertise. We want to work closely with you to ensure alignment of expectations and requirements for both applications and factory floor production in your industry.

A Binder Jet production solution must repeatably and reliably produce component geometries in the required material with the required tolerances, surface finish and material properties. It must be possible to automate every step of the process, de-powder intricate parts without destroying fine features and sinter the parts within the desired tolerances.

Total cost of ownership ($/cc) from powder to in-hand part is the ultimate driver of our technology. We aim to make industrial metal additive manufacturing an economical process for everyone. As we drive down the cost of a final part, we open up new application spaces, improve business cases and enable agile innovation for our customers. 

Our Binder Jet Line is designed to operate safely at scale. Our systems minimize operator contact with machines and materials. GE’s Binder Jet technology can be integrated into reconfigurable factory cells and is automation ready. We are actively working to enable 20, 40, 100+ machine installations for true industrial production. 

Proven partnership

It is critically important when GE Additive brings a new product to market that it can tangibly and immediately demonstrate positive business impact for our customers.

Our Binder Jet development team has been working with partners such as Cummins, Sandvik, Wabtec and others. We’re working together to develop business cases, product roadmaps, applications and parts. It is important to these partners that our solution is mature, scalable and fit for its purpose. 

General Electric

“We’re working closely with a handful of strategic partners and customers in a
co-development, knowledge-share relationship. The core tenet of these partnerships is a mutual commitment to formally identify, design and productionize specific applications at cost, quality and needed scale. By partnering closely, we are ensuring that our technology will align with each company’s production expectations and requirements.”

— Josh mook, chief engineer and innovation executive, GE Additive

Read more about the partnership between GE Additive and Cummins and their path to production of the first metal additive part using binder jet technology.

General Electric

Hydraulic manifold

  • Ability to machine very precise flow path
  • Demand for improved energy efficiency and improved performance
  • The current manufacturing process is time consuming
redesign PROCESS:

By leveraging the design freedom AM offers, the manifold was designed to be extremely compact and efficient. The tubing is organized in a layered approach so that the tubes collectively support one another, creating an exceptionally rigid structure. The short, swept passages enable rapid fluid transfer and easy access for de-powdering and handling. The flange layout is adaptive which allows the manifold to act as one central interface that accommodates all the desired incoming connection angles. 

  • Monolithic construction creates a more durable part
  • Assembly consolidation reduces the overall lead time for production 
  • Elimination of material waste and significant weight reduction
  • Optimized passages offer more efficient system function
  • Improved fluid flow performance 
  • Design freedom for wall thicknesses, inner diameters & fixture points
General Electric

AddWorks™ engineering support

Wherever you’re at on your path to full metal additive production, our team is ready to help you bring new innovation to market faster.

What are AddWorks Workshops? 
Learn foundational knowledge and additive strategies in a classroom environment. Workshops typically run three to five days.

What are the Application Sprints? 
Get comprehensive support anywhere on your path to production with workshops and training, and/or hands-on consulting with GE’s AddWorks experts.