GE Additive Financing

Leasing your additive manufacturing equipment enables you to reduce initial capital costs, have predictable monthly payments, and access to the latest technology through upgrade flexibility.

We offer comprehensive finance and lease solutions to meet the needs of their customers around the globe. Our expertise in manufacturing and equipment finance allows us to create competitive financial solutions that support our customers strategic business goals.

Benefits of Leasing additive manufacturing equipment

Manage Technology Evolution

  • Enables you to take advantage of evolving additive technology upgrades
  • Manage technological obsolescence with defined return and upgrade options at the end-of-term

Improved Cash Management

  • Optimize working capital by avoiding large capital outlays on depreciating assets
  • Structure payments to match revenue, duration of contracts, or seasonal cash flow needs

Increased Flexibility & Convenience

  • Defer equipment ownership decisions with mid-term purchase options
  • Customized term, payment, and rate structures available to qualifying customers

Simplified Payments

  • 100% financing by combining equipment, materials, maintenance, warranty, & services into one monthly payment
  • Fixed rate for easy, predictable budgeting


Global lease and finance solutions provided by Chain Asset Management chainSolutions, a GE heritage company.
Chain AMS provides turnkey Leasing, Remarketing and Vendor Finance programs to customers around the
globe, leveraging 125+ years of industrial and financial know-how to accomplish your needs.


  • Loan
  • Capital Lease
  • Operating Lease / Tax-Lease
  • Muni / Tax-Exempt Financing