Your competitive advantage now has a name — AddWorks™

Using GE’s additive expertise, our AddWorks team will help you explore this revolutionary technology, so you can transform your business in ways you never dreamed possible.

AddWorks imbeds our experts with your team, learning what your products do now and what you need them to become. We will help explore product solutions that aim to differentiate your parts technically and may provide significant performance benefits. Our assessment can determine if a part is appropriate for additive or better produced conventionally. We will help make an additive manufacturing business case, illustrating the economic and performance benefits for your organization.

GE expertise at every step

GE Additive’s AddWorks™ team intimately knows your challenges. We experienced them, too, asking the same questions you may have now: Is additive right for us? Where do we start? How do we adopt additive and still get a positive business return? What’s the timeline? 

Because we have faced these challenges and experienced successes with our own additive journey, we can help you navigate yours and find the path most beneficial to your organization’s operations and goals.

We create value by working with you

Discovery Workshop

The discovery workshop is typically the first step in the additive journey. Our discovery workshop is an interactive engagement, built on a proven format that includes foundational training, part identification and business case exploration.

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Disruptive Design

Design engineers work with you to explore product solutions to help differentiate your products and help ensure those solutions are designed using additive design techniques. By providing you design assistance we can help you reduce weight, improve product performance or lower the total costs of your parts and systems. We provide finite element analysis (FEA), mechanical or thermal optimization, distortion modeling and other testing as needed.

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Materials Development Consulting

Materials experts provide assistance on materials selection from GE Additive’s catalog, along with developing parameters and testing protocols to achieve desired material properties. The cycle time to achieve a new alloy’s printability and material characterization is demonstrably reduced.

Industrialization Workshop 

The Industrialization Workshop will help you define the required specification, documentation and controls to qualify the manufacturing process. This provides the customer with the high-level specifications and frameworks for part, material, powder, process and machine qualification.

Process Optimization Consulting

We take our knowledge and best practices from different additive production processes and apply to your production environment. The goal is to increase part throughput, yield rates and improve overall part quality to meet your production goals.

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Machine Customization 

Machine engineers will assess your application and facility to determine how to modify the machine to improve part production. We will design and modify the current machines specifically tailored to your application needs. 

Facilities & EHS Consulting

GE Additive dispatches a team of qualified experts to work with you to understand needs around your additive manufacturing facility. We will help develop a comprehensive plan including equipment recommendations, Environmental Health and Safety considerations and provide a proposed CAD layout for your additive facility.

Qualification Consulting 

Manufacturing and qualification experts will assist in the qualification of the additive manufacturing production process. Support can range from powder and material qualification, to overall process qualification. We customize the work based on the customer’s industry and needs.

Our GE AddWorks™ team is helping customers accelerate their additive journey

Every day our talented AddWorks™ consulting team uses its extensive AM experience to guide customers along their additive journey. From discovery workshops to final part production, the AddWorks team works shoulder to shoulder with their customers, helping them use this transformative technology to change their businesses—and the future.

Customer stories

AddWorks leverages GE’s extensive experience in additive to help companies introduce and advance the technology.


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