Introducing The Cypress Platform

The Cypress onshore wind turbine platform and the next model from that platform, GE’s 5 MW-158 wind turbine, advances the proven onshore wind technology of GE’s 2 MW and 3 MW fleets, which serves an installed base of nearly 20 GW, while also utilizing architecture and innovations from the 4 MW-158 wind turbine introduced in 2017.

Cypress enables significant Annual Energy Production (AEP) improvements, increased efficiency in serviceability, improved logistics and siting potential, and ultimately more value for customers. It is designed to scale over time, enabling GE to offer a wider array of power ratings and hub heights to meet customer needs throughout the 4 MW - 5 MW range.

Cypress 4-5 MW Onshore Platform

A revolutionary two-piece blade design

The Cypress platform will be powered by a revolutionary two-piece blade design, enabling blades to be manufactured at even longer lengths and improving logistics to offer more siting options.

Longer wind turbine blades improve AEP and help drive down Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), and the proprietary design will allow these larger wind turbines to be installed in locations that were previously inaccessible.

Cypress Platform 4 MW-158 5 MW-158
Net Output (MW) 4.8 5.3
Hub Heights (m) check check
Rotor Diameter (m) 158 158
Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60 50
Cut-in Wind Speed (m/s) check check
Cut-out Wind Speed (m/s) check check
Full Load Wind Speed (m/s) check check
IEC Wind Class check check
Finish White, Gray, Red White, Black, Blue
One Cypress onshore wind turbine can provide power for the equivalent of 5,000+ European residential homes

The 5 MW-158 wind turbine produces over 20 GWh per year



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Efficient services

The Cypress onshore platform, which includes 4 MW and 5 MW wind turbines, is specifically designed for services, with enhancements to help with facilitating up-tower repairs and troubleshooting with its up-tower electrical system, while also pushing the limits of traditional reliability levels on major components, through increased systems level hardware testing and more robust manufacturing processes.

Features & Options

Features and accessories are available to provide optimal operations wherever the Cypress wind turbine is installed.

Should you wish to know more about GE’s Cypress onshore wind platform features and options, contact GE today for more information.

Site-specific power optimization

Can power 5,000+ European homes

Fire prevention systems

Up-tower repair facilitation

Noise reduction

Digital twin capability

Desert climate package

Remote control & monitoring

Blade de-icing solution

Service contract