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Helping customers in their lower-carbon path

The energy industry is going through a significant transition: Our role is to provide you with the best available technology and service capabilities.

Massive amounts of new renewable energy capacity and the need to reduce CO2 emissions are reducing the use of coal and prompting a renewed interest in nuclear. At the same time, nearly half of the power today is still produced from coal and nuclear. Our customers are balancing the challenge of lower CO2 and providing affordable, reliable power.

At GE Steam Power, we’re working every day to transform the future of steam power—and helping create extraordinary outcomes for tomorrow and beyond. That’s the Power of YES.

Our job is to help you achieve your cleaner power generation objectives with a broad portfolio of technologies and service capabilities that can be applied across a range of fuel sources including nuclear, coal, oil, biomass, solar, and municipal waste. 

Our promise is to answer YES when it comes to your most pressing questions. It may be a small word, but it’s an incredibly meaningful one that expresses our goal to keep power on for everyone, everywhere.

Our delivery includes solutions that enhance the affordability, flexibility, and environmental impact of steam power plants all over the world. GE has efficient solutions for your steam power plant's to deliver better performance, greater efficiency, and improved reliability, all at a lower cost.

Can GE be my lifecycle partner for my nuclear turbine island?

YES. Our flagship Arabelle technology is recognized across the world as one of the most reliable and powerful steam turbines for nuclear power plants. We can provide everything needed for your nuclear power plant, from the smallest single component to a full turnkey turbine island, no matter the reactor type. We partner with our customers to improve the performance of their GE and other turbine generator equipment—not just for the next refuel cycle, but for the lifecycle of the plant. This the Power of Yes.


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Hinkley Point C—customer success story
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The Power of Yes in action

Can GE service my coal power plant?

YES. Every year we perform more than 1,000 outages and partner with our operators around the globe through more than 200 multi-year agreements. We have 100 years of coal-fired power service expertise across 90+ OEM brands, and 24/7 on-call product support to help keep your power plant up and running. This is the Power of Yes.


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The Power of Yes in Action

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