178MW rated power of one Francis unit

34 years without retrofit

Huge Hydropower Possibilities

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is blessed with huge hydropower potential, including the world’s second largest river by volume – the Congo River. Hydropower provides virtually all of the DRC’s energy needs.

Inga 2 is located on the right bank of the Congo River at the Inga falls, the world’s largest waterfall by volume, 150 km upstream for the mouth of the river. Originally equipped between 1977 and 1982, Inga 2 has been running for 34 years without a major retrofit or ongoing preventative maintenance program and hasn’t been producing at its full capacity for years.

Inga 2 has eight 178 MW Francis turbine and generator units which, following the retrofit, will have the same output. GE is providing a turnkey refurbishment for four units, including turbines (for two units), generators, control systems and balance of plant. Additionally, GE is helping to train and mentor the local workforce, providing skills and experience that will provide returns for the local community well after the retrofit is completed.

Part of Even Grander Hydropower Possibilities

Inga 2 is part of the planned Grand Inga hydropower scheme which, at 40 GW, would be the world’s largest and would be almost twice the size of Three Gorges in China. GE is helping to power the DRC now with Inga 2 and possibly much of Africa with Grand Inga.