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GE Digital Partners with Applied Informatics and Research Inc. to Enhance Safety and Training with Flight Analytics Software

February 03, 2022
  • Flight Analysis animation tool to be embedded in GE Digital’s Flight Analytics software portfolio to build realistic animations of flights
  • Allows visualization of flight events and enhances pilot and airport operations training

SAN RAMON, Calif. – February 3, 2022 – GE Digital today announced that it is partnering with Applied Informatics and Research Inc. (AIRINC),  a Canadian software firm that provides aviation products and data services to the aerospace industry. The two companies will work together to incorporate AIRINC’s FAS Desktop Animation Tool into GE Digital’s Flight Analytics portfolio including  Safety Insight and FlightPulse®.

In addition the companies have entered into a comprehensive reseller agreement where AIRINC will provide solutions to GE Digital’s customers for Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring( HFDM) as well as Flight Data and Cockpit Voice Recorder readout services utilizing AIRINC’s Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO).

AIRINC’s FASET – Flight Data Animation software module for flight data animation is based on more than 20 years of research and development into visualization technology. Flight data animation can be used to validate and investigate flight events, assist with pilot operational or airport awareness training, and generate password-protected interactive and high-fidelity plots and animations for presentation. This animation module enhances the tools GE Digital provides to airlines by empowering them with desktop software that enables them to build realistic animations of their flights.

“The philosophy for building our software tools and services systems is simple: provide data-driven analytical tools that make flight data monitoring a precise, fact-based science,” said Steve Roberts, CEO of AIRINC. “By applying the relevant disciplines in the application of computer science, mathematics, and physics as well as the principles and practices of flight safety, we produce high quality data analytics products and services. We are looking forward to incorporate these tools into the GE Digital portfolio.”

With Flight Analytics software, operators get ahead by integrating many disparate data sources such as weather, navigation, data, flight plans, load sheets, and more. Event Measurement System (EMS) users gain valuable insights into their operations.

“GE Digital software enables airlines to understand flight data to deliver outcomes that move their business forward,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager, GE Digital’s Aviation Software. “Incorporating AIRINC’s animation software into our comprehensive flight data platform allows customers to make strides toward greater safety, efficiency, and sustainability daily. We are very excited to bring this powerful capability to our customers around the world.”

Safety Insight helps airlines and business jet operators  increase flight safety and reduce risk with  fuel efficiency  reports that help airlines operate at peak safety and efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. FlightPulse empowers pilots with the data to make smarter decisions around safety and fuel consumption and self-discover areas to optimize operations and maximize emission reduction.

Click on this link for more information about GE Digital’s full suite of Aviation Software products.

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