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GE Digital Enhances FlightPulse® with Animations to Build Realistic Representations of Flight for Training and Safety

July 19, 2022
Software empowers pilots through data and visualization to assist with operational or airport awareness, fuel usage, and emission reduction Animations provide realistic visual tools to facilitate…

GE Digital’s Airspace Insight to Help Qantas Improve Airspace Efficiency

July 19, 2022
Data-driven collaboration with air traffic agencies helps airlines to burn less fuel, emit less carbon, and travel fewer miles Graphical depiction of what is going on at a single airport, or across…

GE Digital Partners with Applied Informatics and Research Inc. to Enhance Safety and Training with Flight Analytics Software

February 03, 2022
Flight Analysis animation tool to be embedded in GE Digital’s Flight Analytics software portfolio to build realistic animations of flights Allows visualization of flight events and enhances pilot…

Emirates Extends Sustainability Efforts With GE Digital Aviation Software

November 15, 2021
GE Digital software solutions will help to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as increase sustainability adoption across the Emirates fleet and flight operations Fuel Insight and…

Malaysia Airlines Partners with GE Digital to Modernize the Airline’s Fuel Analytics Platform

August 04, 2021
Malaysia Airlines chooses Fuel Insight and FlightPulse to transform its fuel efficiency program GE Digital’s Aviation Software solutions help operators meet sustainability goals by monitoring and…

GE Digital’s FlightPulse® Mobile App Provides Airline Pilots Insight from Flight Prep to Flight Assessment

March 09, 2021
GE Digital and Qantas join forces to enhance flight prep for pilots FlightPulse adds a combined pre- and post-flight app; New Pre-flight module allows pilots to be better informed before they fly…