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Asset Performance Management (APM) Software

Increase Equipment Reliability and Availability with Industrial Managed Services

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The Industrial Managed Services (IMS) team can help in increasing the availability of your plant by reviewing your current asset performance management (APM) program and determining the gaps in your process. 

The IMS team combines suite-level analytics with years of domain experience to give customers the best solution for their asset strategies.

Industrial Managed Services

Industrial Managed Services from GE Digital provide expertise and remote monitoringIndustrial Managed Services from GE Digital provide expertise and remote monitoring

Deep industrial and technical expertise

GE Digital's Industrial Managed Services drives best-in-class operational processes and business outcomes for our customers.


With three tiers of services, you can choose the right level of guidance or operational help you need to best drive your business.


Remote management for IIoT power by Digital Twin

GE’s team of industry experts and engineers virtually monitor assets around the world to find new ways to extract value-from data collection and analytics to equipment intelligence-and unlock new business outcomes.


Read hundreds of stories and see how our services have saved over $1.5 billion for our customers.

Digital twin graphic | GE Digital Asset Twin

Helping industry solve its biggest challenges

Our industrial managed service (IMS) team monitors more than 7,000 assets across the globe and advises customers to help them put their industrial data to work.  Watch our IMS video series.

A Trusted Partner

Get the best processes for your assets by combining deep operational experience and suite-level analytics from GE.

Increase Equipment Availability

Increase availability in your plant and uncover process gaps using a team with decades of asset strategy experience. 

Enable Preventative Maintenance

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and better understand your asset risks working with the IMS an experienced team.

Determine Total Cost of Ownership

Reach strategy excellence and understand total cost of ownership by synthesizing all data in one place and applying domain experience.

Visiting an IMS Center

Experience the expertise and processes ready to help you by visiting an IMS Center soon.

Meeting Industrial Challenges

Understanding and meeting key industrial challenges can unlock new asset performance levels.

APM Solution Sets

GE’s multifaceted APM solution and services includes data visibility and analytics to drive key work processes.

Continuous Improvement with APM

In line with Lean thinking and ISO standards, APM Services drive a holistic continuous improvement cycle.

Your APM Destination

APM Services partner with you to maximize potential, to embed best practices and to drive key actions.

Managed Services Offerings

Maximize the return on your industrial investments with our dedicated team of domain experts.

Managed Services Subscription Levels

Find the best subscription level to accelerate your digital transformation.

Managed Services Subscription Activities

Discover how we can help increase your digital effectiveness with our Subscription Activities.