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Electric Utilities

GIX For Advanced Energy Management System displays and Distribution SCADA display

11 mins

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Utility digital transformation requires energy management operations from control rooms to expand largely outside to field teams, to planning and analysts as well as utility management - in a safe, reliable and no cost of deployment.

Learn how GE's Digital Energy Experience Web User Interface (GIX) enables:

  • Secure access–Authentication and Authorization via Active Directory Services (ADS) –from read-only displays, the status of the power system, and the health of the EMS/DMS computer systems;
  • Remote accessibility from a multitude of devices (desktop, tablets, mobile) through standard web browsers (Chrome, Safari, MS Edge);
  • EMS Single Line Diagrams(SLDs), SCADA SLDs, alarm lists, logs and a significant number of tabular displays are supported, giving you relative information to make decisions; and
  • Existing displays, minimizing training to help you move with speed; and Modern HTML5 Web UI technology well aligned with existing IT infrastructure.


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