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Maximizing Water Resource Value in the Circular Economy

Smart Energy, Water, and Wastewater Management

Today, 25-40% of the energy used by municipalities goes into treatment of water. That equates to 8% of global energy usage.

By reducing water losses through active leakage control, municipalities can reduce carbon emissions caused by pumping water for distribution.

Watch this webinar hosted by the Water Environment Foundation (WEF) and GE Vernova to:

  • Gain valuable insights into how a digitization strategy can help the Water/Wastewater industry
  • Explore how to maximize the value of water as a resource in the Circular Economy
  • Become an active contributor in the industry’s Sustainability goals

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We challenge you to keep the water flowing!

GE Digital SCADA Superhero | Play the role of a water utility operator

Are you a SCADA superhero?

Play the role of an operator who supplies the local town with water. Over the course of three challenges, show your skill to take your place as the SCADA superhero!


The aim of the game is to keep costs low. To achieve this, manage the water supply efficiently by keeping the water flowing, avoid unplanned downtime with failing pumps, balance electricity costs and keep the community happy.


Get a glimpse into the power of modern water and wastewater software.


Play the game, challenge a colleague and most importantly, have some fun!

Hear from water and wastewater software customers

GE Vernova is helping water and wastewater utilities gain efficiencies and keep costs in check with HMI/SCADA software and best practices.


We are proud of the results our water and wastewater software customers are achieving.  Read their stories.