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Greater Operator Efficiency in Water and Wastewater

Greater Operator Efficiency in Water and Wastewater | GE Digital whitepaper

Enter the world of water utilities:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Declining revenues
  • Retiring experienced workers
  • Increasing service level expectations
  • Regulations

What’s more, resources for water an wastewater capital programs are limited, making it difficult to carry out infrastructure modernization, expansion, and technology upgrades.

How can you address these critical challenges while delivering the best return on investment to ratepayers or private sector investors? Chances are, you cannot easily raise water and sewer rates or purchase new equipment. So you’re left to become as efficient as possible with the assets you have. This means you’ve got to look at your operations holistically to understand and predict what’s happening to make the best decisions.

The good news is the technology and solutions are here. They revolutionize what’s possible for water and wastewater utilities.

Read how you can improve your operators efficiency.  Download this white paper today.

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Industrial automation engineer using HMI/SCADA from GE Digital
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Reduce costs and risk by enabling the high performance operator with model-based visualization.

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HMI/SCADA software in food manufacturing plant | GE DigitalHMI/SCADA software in food manufacturing plant | GE Digital
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