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GE Digital Named as 2020 Global IIoT-Based Asset Management and Optimization Customer Value Leadership Award Winner

GE Digital Frost & Sullivan Award :  IIoT-based Asset Management

GE Digital is proud to be the 2020 recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award.  

Our customers are on the front line of the world’s toughest industrial challenges: enabling more renewable energy on the grid; reducing emissions; increasing plant productivity; adapting to demand and keeping their teams safe.  With mission-critical software, we help our customers solve their toughest challenges by putting industrial data to work. 

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Mission Critical Software

ADMS Network View | GE Digital software for Utilities and T&D


"GE Digital purposefully puts the customer first in every pursuit, from marketing to product development. At the same time, it leverages industrial data to solve some of its customers' toughest challenges, such as enabling more renewable energy on the grid, reducing emissions, increasing plant productivity, adapting to demand, and keeping their teams safe."  


—Frost & Sullivan

APM Health | screenshot | industrial asset health | GE Digital

Power Generation

"General Electric Digital's (GE Digital) platform strategy and industrial software portfolio help customers to solve their toughest challenges. The company's remote operations capabilities, coupled with its talent and technologies, ensure that mission-critical customers can continue to operate. In challenging times, GE Digital enables customers around the globe to work remotely to keep serving their consumers."


—Frost & Sullivan

Plant Applications from GE Digital enables real-time KPIs | screenshot

Manufacturing & Digital Plant

"Notably, GE Digital manages 40% of the world's electricity through its software. Moreover, entire cities apply GE Digital's software to manage their water supplies. The software also sits at the heart of some major manufacturers' operations. GE Digital's dedicated teams and visionary executives sustain and support the extensive range of mission-critical industries and customers they serve."


—Frost & Sullivan


Oil & Gas

"Frost & Sullivan lauds GE Digital for embracing an innovation strategy that comes from a deep customer immersion, scrutinizing clients' critical business priorities as well as understanding their technical and process barriers. Furthermore, by handling innovation as a process—i.e., starting with a prototype and not a rock-solid product—GE Digital cements its leadership position in an era of uncertainty.”


—Frost & Sullivan

Let GE Digital show you how to put your industrial data to work