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Grid Analytics

Data-Driven Visual Intelligence for Asset Inspection

Data-driven visual intelligence drives down vegetation management costs | GE Digital

Helping utilities reduce the costs and risks of a multi-million dollar challenge

Utilities spend millions of dollars each year on T&D asset maintenance and inspection programs. Usually carried out by on-site technicians, this heavily manual task is time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies and inconsistencies from captured images. All of which makes it extremely hard to monitor asset conditions and fix potential faults sooner.

GE Digital’s Visual Intelligence Platform transforms this process.

Combining AI, automated image analysis and multi-sensor data collection, it offers Asset Managers a comprehensive picture of the grid. In turn, this enables them to make data-driven decisions that reduce the cost of physical inspections, speed up defect detection, minimize outages, and increase safety.

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Visual Intelligence for vegetation management for utilities | screenshot | GE Digital
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