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Alabama Power: Transforming Distribution Operations with Model-based FISR

Alabama Power: Transforming Distribution Operations with Model-based FISR | GE Digital webinar

Alabama Power Company’s model-based Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR) implementation has been a critical component of the utility’s strategy to move away from localized automation schemes. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Alabama Power Company’s technology leaders discuss how the utility has integrated GE’s model-based Fault Isolation and Service Restoration (FISR)application into their system and control center to improve service to their more than 1.4 million customers. 

You’ll learn how GE’s proven and scalable FISR application uses telemetry data from circuit breakers and fault detectors to locate issues and recommend remediation, or automatically send a sequence of switching actions to isolate the fault and restore power to the rest of the network. 

FISR offers real results: 

  • Restores customer quickly 
  • Decreases outage response times 
  • Protects and increases current reliability levels 

Watch the webinar.

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