Compatible Views

Displays are organized by operational function, and are available as a compatible view when you select an appropriate resource. This organization makes it easier for you to remember where you are within the model framework.

When you navigate to a resource, you are automatically shown the compatible displays of the resource you are viewing. If you navigate to a resource that does not have a compatible display, you cannot work with that resource. If you want to access a specific display, you must have added a resource to the folder that it applies to. Then, the display is enabled to further select, view, or configure a resource.

Note: The enabled displays available depend on both Workflow and any corresponding modules or Workflow compatible products you have installed. If a new product is installed but does not appear in the available views, close and re-open the Workflow client and check again.

Compatible Resources

The following table describes the icons associated with resources:
solid green squareResource works with the current display.
solid green arrowResource has children that work with the current display.
gray arrowResource has children, but none of them work with the current selection.

Compatible Views

The following table describes the icons associated with views:
Selected resource has a compatible view.
Selected resource does not have a compatible view.