GE Single Sign On (SSO)

You can configure Workflow to use GE Single Sign On (SSO) authentication when your users log on to the Workflow client.

Note: GE Single Sign On applies only to GE businesses.
Within GE, all employees are assigned an SSO ID that grants them access to internal GE web pages and resources. When Workflow is installed within a GE business, you have the option to enable SSO authentication, so that users enter their SSO ID and password to access the system.
Note: To log in to Workflow, the system must be in a state of either Complete or Partial health. For more information, see System Health and Program Use.

Configuration Settings

GE SSO authentication can be configured during the installation process, or at any time after installation using the Configure Security tool.

When setting up SSO authentication, you must select either the Production Identify Provider or Non-Production Identity Provider option. During a new installation or an upgrade, when you select the Use SSO (Single Sign On) check box, the Production Identity Provider option is selected by default.

The Production Identity Provider option provides greater security for your application. The Non-Production Identity Provider can be used for non-production environments, such as test environments.

User Account Setup

After you configure your system for SSO authentication, you can manually set up each user's account to link to their SSO account. The account login name must be the user's SSO ID.

You can also use the SSO Authentication Failed event to schedule a workflow that will create a Workflow user account. That is, if a user with a valid SSO ID but no Workflow user account tries to log in to Workflow, the SSO Authentication Failed event is triggered and causes the Workflow user account to be created. The SSO Authentication Failed event contains the user's SSO ID, full name, and e-mail address.

Important: Make sure that each user belongs to the SSO Users group before creating their SSO user account. The SSO Users group is a default security group located within the Personnel model.