Web Part Administrator

Use the Web Part Administrator to configure and manage Web Parts, create new Web Parts, change default parameters, and access a variety of statistical reports.

Expand Server Management in the Plant Applications Administrator tree, then double-click Administrator Web Parts to open the Web Administrator.


  1. The Manage tab lists the templates used to create user-defined Web Parts. Use the Configure tab to set up Web Parts.
  2. Lists of Web Parts or Web Part templates and information about each Web Part or template.
  3. Click to import or export Web Parts and Web Part templates.
  4. Click to preview the selected Web Part or Web Part template.
  5. Click to specify parameters that control properties such as the placement of your Web Part or Web Part template in your portal.
  6. Click to create new Web Part templates, and to copy or delete existing templates.
  7. Provides information about the selected Web Part or Web Part template. You can also use the tabs to edit the default parameters for the associated Web Part or template.