Plant Applications Administrator

The Plant Applications Administrator is the main client application for administrators configuring the system.

Use the Plant Applications Administrator to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure data captured from the plant floor and other sources.
  • Create security rights for data input, changes, verification, and viewing.
  • Process collected information using calculations and many other data functions.
  • Provide the link and the structure to the SQL database where the data is stored.
  • Design displays viewed through the Plant Applications Client application.
  • Provide a method for importing and exporting Plant Applications data.

The Plant Applications Administrator environment is similar to Windows Explorer. On the left side of the main screen is thePlant Applications Administrator tree. From this hierarchical tree all tasks can be performed. For the most part, every object in the Administrator tree can be right-clicked to view a menu of the available commands. The center pane displays additional details about objects directly below the currently selected level. The right pane displays the hyperlink menu, if you have that option enabled.


  1. Right-click objects in the Plant Applications Administrator tree to view a menu of available commands.
  2. The Plant Applications toolbar provides a shortcut to the various levels in the Administrator tree.
  3. The Detail pane displays the contents of the object selected in the Administrator tree.
  4. If the Hyperlink button is active, all tasks that can be performed on the object selected in the Administrator tree are presented as hyperlinks.