Plant Applications Report Server Administrator

Use the Web Server Administrator, accessed through the Plant Applications Administrator, to set up the Plant Applications Report (Web) Server. The Web Administrator can be started from any computer with Plant Applications Administrator installed.

To start the Web Server Administrator, expand Server Management in the Plant Applications Administrator tree and double-click Administrator Web Server.


  1. Use the toolbar to change the view of the contents in the right pane, start the Automated Certificate of Analysis (COA) applications, and schedule a report.
  2. From the File menu, you can import Web report packages and exit the application. From the View menu, you can refresh the view. From the Help menu, you can access the online help file and view information about your version of the Web Administrator.
  3. The left pane displays the Web Administrator tree for you to add users, schedule reports, manage the Web Server, and manage Web reports.
  4. The right pane displays the contents of the node that you have selected in the left pane.