Installing Historian Single Server Using Command Line

You can make a silent\passive installation of a Historian Single Server using the command line:

Before you begin

If you are upgrading from any version between V6.0 and V7.2, the web-based clients and the associated data may be lost. Therefore, we recommend that you back up the data using the uaa_config_tool utility in the Utilities folder in the installation package. This is applicable to both Historian Single Server and Historian Mirror Primary Server. For information, refer to Migrate User Authentication Data from Historian to Common UAA Service.
Note: After installation, uaa_config_tool is available in the following folder as well: <installation drive of Historian>\Program Files\GE Digital\Historian Config


  1. Open the command-line tool and locate install.exe in the Historian folder on your install disk.
  2. Run install.exe using flags and arguments.
    install.exe [-q] [-quiet] [-s] [-silent] [-passive] HistorianCmd=StandAlone 
    Note: After the silent install, you must restart your computer manually.