About Historian Log Files

Log files are created after you start historian for the first time. When you start collection, the Historian server creates an archive. It places archive files in the Archives folder specified during installation. By default, this is C:\Historian Data\Archives on Windows operating systems. All files with the .IHA extension are Archive data files. The file with the .IHC extension contains configuration information.

The Archiver and collectors place log files in the Logfiles folder. By default, this is C:\Historian Data\LogFiles on Windows operating systems. The Archiver produces two log files, a DATA ARCHIVER-XX.LOG file and a DATA ARCHIVER.SHW file. Each collector also produces two log files. For example, the Simulation Collector produces these files: SimulationCollector-01.log and SimulationCollector.shw.

You can view log files using Notepad or any other text editor. The .LOG file shows events, warnings, and errors produced by the Archiver during operation; the .SHW file shows current configuration information that applies to the Historian Server.