Managing Historian Log Files

About this task

Use the Historian LogTool to view, generate, or compress log files to use for troubleshooting. Logtool.exe is located in the historian installation directory, for example: C:\Program Files\Proficy\Proficy Historian\X64.


  1. Go to your installation directory and execute the Logtool.exe file.
    The LogTool opens, displaying the View Log tab.

  2. Select a component from the left panel to see the available log files, and click View Log.
  3. Click Generate Logs to enable or disable the debug logging mode for Historian components:

    This tool will enable/Disable the debug mode for Historian components. However, leaving the debug mode enabled for longer time consume the disk space

    1.Select the component

    2.Choose enable/disable option

    3.Click apply

    1. Select a Historian Component and click Enable or Disable.
      Note: Leaving debug mode enabled for a component consumes disk space.
    2. Click Apply.
  4. Click Gather Logs and click Zip the log files to compress the log files and click Open zip file location to view the zip files.