About Retrieving Data from Historian

After data collection, the Historian Server compresses and stores the information in a Data Archive or a *.iha file. Any client application can retrieve archived data through the Historian API. The Historian API is a client/server programming interface that maintains connectivity to the Historian Server and provides functions for data storage and retrieval in a distributed network environment.

You can retrieve data from Historian using any number of clients, including but not limited to:
  • Historian Analysis
  • Knowledge Center
  • iFIX
  • Real-Time Information Portal
  • Dream Reports
  • Excel Add-In
  • Custom SDK Applications
  • OLE DB

Historian exposes various sampling and calculation modes that are used on retrieval of data that has already been collected to the archive. These modes do not effect data collection. Some sampling modes are suited to compressed data and should be used when collector compression or archive compression is used.