Install the Historian Excel Add-in at a Command Prompt

Before you begin

  1. Install one of the following 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft® Excel® applications:
    • Microsoft® Excel® 2019
    • Microsoft® Excel® 2016
    • Microsoft® Excel® 2013
    • Microsoft® Excel® 2010
  2. Install Excel Add-in using the installer on a machine. When you do so, a template file named setup.iss is created at C:\Windows. This file stores the installation options that you have provided during the installation. You can then use this template to install Excel Add-in at a command prompt on other machines.

About this task

You can install Excel Add-In separately or during Client Tools installation. However, do not install Excel Add-In on the machine on which you have installed Historian Administrator or data archiver.


  1. Copy the setup.iss file to each machine on which you want to install Excel Add-in at a command prompt.
  2. In the folder that contains the setup.iss file, run the following command: setup.exe /s /sms
    The installer runs through the installation steps.
    Note: If using certain versions of Windows (like Windows 10 or Windows 2019), you may receive an error message, stating that some of the DLL files are not registered. You can ignore these messages.
  3. When prompted to reboot your system, select Yes.


Excel Add-In is installed.

What to do next

Activate Excel Add-In.