Uninstalling Historian

About this task

Uninstalling Historian removes all saved Favorites from your Trend Client and all Users and Scopes you created. To keep these and other configurations on an upgrade, do not uninstall Historian unless you are changing server roles as previously described. If you must uninstall Historian on an upgrade, you can Export your favorites and save your data and tag configuration files for future use.

For information on uninstalling OPC Data Collectors, refer to the Modifying and Uninstalling OPC Collectors section of the Historian Data Collectors manual.

  • When you want to uninstall Web-based Clients:
    • If you select the Purge database during uninstall check box, the entire database will be purged, and you must recreate the Proficy Authentication details, favourites, and so on. Therefore, if you want to retain Proficy Authentication details, do not select that check box.
    • If you have installed Operations Hub on the same machine, and if there is a shared Proficy Authentication package between Operations Hub and Web-based Clients, in some cases, a message appears, asking you to first uninstall Operations Hub before uninstalling Web-based Clients. You can, however, uninstall Web-based Clients first; the shared Proficy Authentication package will not be deleted in that case.
    • Configuration Hub will not be uninstalled because it is a common component. If needed, you can uninstall it separately.
  • If you uninstall Historian after installing the Excel Add-In as described, ensure that you clear the Historian check box in the Microsoft Excel Add-Ins window. If you do not clear this option, you will receive an error each time you open Microsoft Excel.


  1. To uninstall Historian from your computer:
    1. Double-click the Programs / Uninstall a Program link in the Control Panel.
    2. Select Historian and select Uninstall.
      Note: Historian archives are not removed by default. If you need to remove them, delete the folder manually.

      A progress bar appears, showing that the software is being uninstalled. This may take some time.

      To abort the uninstall, select Cancel.

  2. To remove all related software from your computer:
    1. Double-click the Programs / Uninstall a Program link in the Control Panel.
    2. Select Proficy Common Licensing, and select Uninstall.