Using the Migration Tool

About this task

The IHA Migration Tool (MigrateIHA.exe for 32 bit or MigrateIHA_x64.exe for 64 bit) allows you to migrate data up to 30 years old if the data is already stored in IHA files from any version of Historian. Use the Migration Tool to move data from one archiver to another when you cannot simply restore the IHA in Historian Administrator.

The Migration Tool opens an IHA file as a binary data file and reads the raw samples from it. Those raw samples are then written to a destination archiver, in a similar way to how an OPC collector or File collector would write data. Any errors returned from the data archiver are reported in the main window and repeated in the log file.

  • You can migrate UserDefined types, MultiField tags, and Array tags.
  • When you are migrating the data stores, the source data store is created in the destination.
  • Using this Migration Tool, you can upgrade from two previous versions of Historian to the latest version.
  • The performance of this tool is impacted with the addition of Client Manager and Configuration Manager. For best performance, use this on a Single Server install only.