Interoperability of Historian Versions

Interoperability guidelines for Historian versions include:
  • Historian Collectors below v6.0 can write to Historian v7.0 Archivers; however, since the earlier collector versions cannot automatically connect to a mirror, users need to point those collectors to the mirror system.
  • Historian Clients below v6.0 can retrieve data from Historian v7.0 Archivers.
  • Historian v7.0 or later Clients can retrieve data from a single Historian Data Archiver below v6.0.
  • Historian v7.0 or later Collectors can write to a single Historian Data Archiver below v6.0.
  • An SDK program built on an Historian v7.0 or later node does not run on an Historian below v6.0.
  • An SDK program that you created in Historian below v7.0 must be rebuilt on a computer with Historian v7.0 or later if you want to run it on that version.
  • It is recommended that you use consistent versions of client and server applications. If you do use different client and server versions of the Historian, regularly back up all archives and tag configurations.
Note: To determine the version of the server, client, and SDK, select the About link in Historian Administrator. The version of the Historian installer can be seen in the Control Panel / Uninstall programs; this version is different from the Historian core version seen in Historian Administrator About link.